martes, 30 de agosto de 2016

Rings planner and Travelers Notebook

Hi... I have to tell you my dear friends that the transition from being a planner girl, used to rings then move everything to TN its nice so so nice, specially when you love it, I am soo pleased with ny chic sparrow creme brulee deluxe, personal size.

Also missed so much my rings size personal Gillio compagna so decided to take it back and give a great use to both of them.

My girl is back to school and I swear she takes a lot of room on my pages plus my 2 little boys, so probably will be using 3 planners from now on, cause theres a lot going on in here...

Besides I love love love stamping, creating coloring, add details to my plans so I need more room definetely and my carry on.

Lets see how things work out and just lets keep it up allrighty!!


domingo, 14 de agosto de 2016

A little of Introduction here !!

Hi guys...
I'm very new to blogger comunity and I'm just trying to start a new way to get more in touch with you.
Let me introduce myself a little bit... my main profession is to be a Mommy of 3 little guys, 2 boys and a beautiful girl.
They keep my life very Happy but also busy so I joined the planner comunity about a year ago.

My current planners are a chic sparrow creeme brulee deluxe TN in personal size and also have a rings Gillio binder that I love soo much.

 The main intention to create this blog is to share my suggestions, interest, goodies, my planner weekly spreads, how I use so many accesories such a great STAMPS to make my everyday more cute and easy to go with, and lot much more. 
Hope that you find some amazing inspiration here.

Hope you like this blog and enjoy it by sharing some lovely spreads too.
Thanks Loves